Thursday, October 27, 2016

The Wildlife Academy

AIG WIld Life Academy   
By: Logan K & Caitlin C
Fifth graders in Mrs.Kelsey’s Wildlife Academy are getting their hands dirty and researching wildlife near our school. They set out sardines and corn as bait near a little water trough . They also have a motion sensored camera so they can snap pictures of any animals that go to the bait. They have seen many pictures from the camera and our best customers were  deer and birds. We even had a few human visitors!  They  have spotted many tracks. They meet every Friday.    
We have interviewed, Will M , a student in the wildlife academy, Here’s what he said:
Do you enjoy wildlife academy?
Yes, because it allows us to get outside and explore more of the school and nature around it.
What’s your favorite part of wildlife academy?
The trail cam is my favorite part because you can see lots of animals.
What have you  learned?
I’ve learned about animal habitats and what they eat.
What tracks have you seen?
We’ve seen  raccoon, opossum, deer, bunny, house cat, and coyote tracks.
What animals have you spotted?
We’ve seen deer, birds, and we have even snapped a few pictures of some humans. We mostly have pictures of deer though.

Here are some real photos that they got!!!



Smile for the camera


Monday, October 24, 2016

Stan's Sloth Page

Sup guys, it’s me Stan again! A sloths coat is like a mini jungle with algae and several types of bugs. That's why they look so GREEN!Sloths are normally lone wolfs (that means they like to be alone) except when mating.Sometimes sloth moms, if they sense their babies are weak they will abandon it.   GOOD PARENTING MOM!!!!
That's it for today. If you want to see more slothy things go to

Week 6 NFL Scores

Week 6 NFL Scores

Carson Palmer (Cardinals): 23-34, 213 Yards, 1 TD
Ryan Fitzpatrick (Jets): 16-31, 174 Yards, 0 TD’s
Trevor Siemian (Broncos): 30-50, 230 yards, 1 TD
Philip Rivers (Chargers): 18-29, 178 Yards, 1 TD
Colin Kaepernick (49ers): 13-29, 187 Yards, 1 TD
Tyrod Taylor (Bills): 17-26, 179 Yards, 2 TD’s
Carson Wentz (Eagles): 11-22, 179 Yards, 0 TD’s
Kirk Cousins (Redskins): 18-34, 263 Yards, 2 TD’s
Cody Kessler (Browns): 26-41, 336 Yards, 2 TD’s
Marcus Mariota (Titans): 17-24, 284 Yards, 3 TD’s
Joe Flacco (Ravens): 26-48, 307 Yards, 0 TD’s
Eli Manning (Giants): 32-46, 403 Yards, 3 TD’s
Cam Newton (Panthers): 27-47, 332 Yards, 2 TD’s
Drew Brees (Saints): 34-49, 465 Yards, 4 TD’s
Blake Bortles (Jaguars): 20-33, 271 Yards, 1 TD
Brian Hoyer (Bears): 30-49, 302 Yards, 0 TD’s
Case Keenum (Rams): 27-32, 321 Yards, 3 TD’s
Matthew Stafford (Lions): 23-31, 270 Yards, 4 TD’s
Ben Roethlisberger (Steelers): 19-34, 189 Yards, 1 TD
Ryan Tannehill (Dolphins): 24-32, 252 Yards, 0 TD’s
Andy Dalton (Bengals): 21-31, 254 Yards, 1 TD
Tom Brady (Patriots): 29-35, 376 Yards, 3 TD’s
Alex Smith (Chiefs): 19-22, 224 Yards, 0 TD’s
Derek Carr (Raiders): 22-34, 225 Yards, 1 TD
Matt Ryan (Falcons): 27-42, 335 Yards, 3 TD’s
Russell Wilson (Seahawks): 25-37, 270 Yards, 0 TD’s
Dak Prescott (Cowboys): 18-27, 247 Yards, 3 TD’s
Aaron Rodgers (Packers): 31-42, 294 Yards, 1 TD

Andrew Luck (Colts): 21-32, 252 Yards, 1 TD
Brock Osweiler (Broncos): 25-39, 269 Yards, 2 TD’s

League Leaders For Week 6

100 Yard Receivers

  1. Odell Beckham Jr: 222 Yards, 8 Receptions, 2 Touchdowns, 27.8 Yards Per Play
  2. Brandin Cooks: 173 Yards, 7 Receptions, 1 Touchdown, 24.7 Yards Per Play
  3. Golden Tate: 165 Yards, 8 Receptions, 1 Touchdown, 24.7 Yards Per Play
  4. Rob Gronkowski: 162 Yards, 7 Receptions, 1 Touchdown , 23.1 Yards Per Play
  5. Julio Jones: 139 Yards, 7 Receptions, 1 Touchdown, 19.9 Yards Per Play

Best Quarterbacks Of Week 6

  1. Drew Brees: 34-49, 69.3% Completion Percentage
  2. Eli Manning: 32-46, 69.5% Completion Percentage
  3. Tom Brady: 29-35, 82.4% Completion Percentage
  4. Cody Kessler: 26-41, 63.4% Completion Percentage
  5. Matt Ryan: 27-42, 64.2% Completion Percentage

Predictions For Week 7

Will’s Prediction For Patriots v.s Steelers Game: Will thinks that the overall score will be 27-17 to the Patriots. I think that the best player will be Tom Brady because he will have another good game just like his last one versus the Browns.
Jay’s Prediction For Patriots v.s Steelers Game: Jay thinks that the overall score will be 37-17 to the Pats. He thinks that the best player will be Julian Edelman because he will have a lot of receptions and a few touchdowns.
Banks’ Prediction For Patriots v.s Steelers Game: Banks thinks that the overall score will be 27-24 to the Steelers. He think the best player will be Le'Veon Bell, he says he will get at least 100 yards and score 2 touchdowns.

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Fish in a Tree Book Review

Fish in a Tree
By Liza M.
If you have recently glanced at the BOB list lately, you would have noticed a book by the name of Fish in a Tree. It is one of the best, and, one of  the most inspiring books you will ever read! To find out a little more, keep reading! This is a book review!
The book “Fish in a Tree” is a book all about a girl who can’t read. She goes to the principal's office a lot because she refuses to read in class. She gets made fun of because of this. Although no one knows she can’t read,  she is great at art and math. She gets assigned a different teacher at the beginning of a new year. He is an amazing teacher and Ally (the girl who can’t read) really likes him. They gain each other’s trust and they soon begin to play chess and learn how to read after school. While all of this is happening, Ally has something else big going on in her life. She has two new friends! Keisha and Albert. Keisha loves to bake and Albert loves science. He has amazing quotes! One of the favorites of the quotes is “If nobody is perfect, doesn’t that mean we are all perfect?” The three of them make a great team, and together, they are able to stand up against the jerks in the school.
Everyone our news reporters have talked to give this book 5 stars and two thumbs up!
We strongly recommend that you read the “Fish in a Tree.” Savor the book, and, think about how fortunate you are to be able to read.
Have a great time reading! We hope you get to this book soon!

Friday, October 7, 2016

Hurricane Matthew...No Power No Problem

What do you do if the Power Goes Out?
By Liza M.
So, what do you do when the power goes out? As some of you may know, Hurricane Matthew is now stalking its prey! US! How many of you are scared about the power going out in the middle of your rainy day? It can be kind of scary if you don’t know what the heck just happened and why all the lights are out! Here are a few tips on how to make power outages fun!

1. Grab that flashlight and get those games ready! The first thing you may think of doing is about as good as it gets! Board games with the family!
2. You can light the candles and play charades with friends and family!
3. Think of 4 exercises. Grab a deck of cards. For, each suit (clubs, spades, hearts, and diamonds) assign one of the exercises. Have someone deal cards. Whatever the number is on that the specific card, you do that many of the particular exercise. Or, just exercise!
4. One of the best things to do if there is a storm is watching the storm! You can watch it out your bedroom window or your front door. You can even go outside and watch it! Just don’t get blown away!
5. If you love drawing or painting, now is the perfect time to pull out those markers and acrylics! That is the perfect thing to do if you are locked in the house! Just make sure you keep the flashlight focused!
6. If your a clean freak, now is the perfect time to get that cleaning done that you wanted to get done last month!
7. You may have siblings or friends at home during a storm. If you do, you could put on a play, or puppet show for the family/adults at your house.

That’s all for this article! Stay safe, and, have fun during Hurricane Matthew!