Thursday, February 23, 2017

Battle of the Books

Battle of the Books!
By: Liza M.
What is Battle of the Books? It is when you read a list of 18 books and then you take two tests to see who got on the team. Liza M has been chosen to be on Ogden’s Battle of the Books team again this year. The team consists of 12 people this year but only six can compete at a time in the competition.  
The first meeting was Tuesday February 21. The meeting went really well. At meetings, the team goes over questions just like the question format at the competition. Those are IWB questions (in which book) followed by the actual question.
Every person chooses an “expert book” (most people have 3-5.) Those are books that you know very well and that you read at least three times, although you should read every book at least twice. There are at least two people assigned to each book.
You also need to know the authors going into the competition. This will come naturally after hearing it said a few times during practice. You do only have 20 seconds to talk to your team and answer the questions.
A great site to use to study is, where it gives you tests assigned by your coach, or you can assign yourself tests. You can even play a Jeopardy game!
Next time Battle of the Books tryouts come around, Consider taking the test and be on the team. There are great books that you never would have even considered jumping into if it were not for Battle of the Books.