Friday, October 13, 2017

Mr. Drew Saves The Day

Mr. Drew Saves The Day
by Faye R.

The latest buzz at Ogden is about the broken swings. Here are some specific details. The swings on the playground were recently broken. This problem started on Monday, October ninth. The bar was loose that the swings hung from. Thankfully, Mr. Drew could fix it. Isn’t that great?! If you see Mr. Drew in the hall, try to say thanks. Here's a quote from Ms. Younts about this situation,” A bolt was loose, and Mr. Drew tightened it up and came to the rescue.”Empty swingset | wsilver | Flickr

Monday, September 11, 2017

Irma Update

Radar image of Hurricane Irma at 2:15pm on Sunday September 10th.  

Hurricane Irma’s landfall in the US was in the Florida Keys and the west coast of Florida.  
The effects of Irma in Florida are flooding, wind damage and storm surge.

Hurricane Irma is now located on the Gulf Coast of Florida west of Orlando.

Locally, the surf has been good with swell coming from Hurricane Irma.  I surfed at Holden Beach on Saturday and it was chest to head high. We are under a wind advisory indirectly from Irma.

Hurricane Jose is still out there and another tropical wave is close to Africa that could possibly form into a tropical depression or tropical storm.

By Fletcher W.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Welcome Back to Peak Hurricane Season

Hurricane Irma is a category 5 hurricane in the Atlantic Ocean moving westward toward Puerto Rico.

As of 5 am Wednesday September 5th, maximum sustained winds are 185 mph and the minimum pressure has dropped to an insane low of 914 mb or 26.98in.
The pressure in Wilmington today is 1012.4 mb.  The record low pressure is 882 mb in Hurricane Wilma in 2005.

Hurricane Irma is passing the Leeward Islands.  The storm is moving WNW at 16mph.  It is forecast to move through Puerto Rico and the Bahamas and then hit Florida as a major hurricane.

Hurricane Irma is one of the strongest Atlantic hurricane on record.   It is a Category 5 hurricane, which must have sustained winds over 155 mph.

The Wilmington beaches are supposed to get big surf starting Friday and forecasts do not show when it ends.  They are calling for surf to peak on Sunday at 12-16 feet with hard onshore winds.

by Fletcher W.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Battle of the Books

Battle of the Books!
By: Liza M.
What is Battle of the Books? It is when you read a list of 18 books and then you take two tests to see who got on the team. Liza M has been chosen to be on Ogden’s Battle of the Books team again this year. The team consists of 12 people this year but only six can compete at a time in the competition.  
The first meeting was Tuesday February 21. The meeting went really well. At meetings, the team goes over questions just like the question format at the competition. Those are IWB questions (in which book) followed by the actual question.
Every person chooses an “expert book” (most people have 3-5.) Those are books that you know very well and that you read at least three times, although you should read every book at least twice. There are at least two people assigned to each book.
You also need to know the authors going into the competition. This will come naturally after hearing it said a few times during practice. You do only have 20 seconds to talk to your team and answer the questions.
A great site to use to study is, where it gives you tests assigned by your coach, or you can assign yourself tests. You can even play a Jeopardy game!
Next time Battle of the Books tryouts come around, Consider taking the test and be on the team. There are great books that you never would have even considered jumping into if it were not for Battle of the Books.  

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Family Math Night

Family Math Night!
     Come to Ogden Elementary School on January 19 for the first annual Family Math Night! From 5:30-6:00, Mrs. Katherine Martin, Lead Math Teacher of New Hanover County Schools, will host an informational session about Ogden’s Math Fair. Then, From 6:00-6:45 there will be a time to play various math games, some of which will be made by 4th and 5th grade AIG math students. In some sense, it will be similar to Family Science Night. Like Family Science Night, we will host an informational session. The difference in our informational session is, that Math Fair is for kids K-5, though Science Olympiad is for grades 3rd-5th.     

By Preston W.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

WordMasters Meet 1 Results

WordMasters Meet 1 Top Finishers

"The WordMasters Challenge™ is a vocabulary competition based on completing analogies. Meets are held right in your own school three times per year."-

                4th Grade
Brooks F.
Sophia T.
James H., Ben O., Camryn C. & Madi D.
Faye R., Antonia P., Avery H., Logan S., Sonya B., Porter O., Tucker F., Sophia H., Maya B., Jamie M. & Cooper W.

5th Grade
Preston W.
Austin P.
Matthew R. & Noble H.
Sarah L., Bella K. & Brode M.
Alyssa G., Madison J., Jay R., Will M., Elsa P., Logan R. & Catriana B.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

December Concert

December Concert
By Liza McQueen
Hey fifth graders! Do you have on your best singing voice? You better come December 6th! If you go to Ogden or you are an Ogden parent, be sure you make your way to the multi-purpose room! The fifth graders will be putting on a concert! From Hebrew to Spanish, you will be sure to enjoy this concert!
All fifth graders will be singing but some have special roles. There will be dancers, actors, instrument players, and bell players. The dancers will do their thing in the Spanish song (La Fiesta), the actors will act throughout the program, the instrument players will play in the Spanish song as well, the bell players will be playing Carol of the Bells in the beginning and We wish you a Merry Christmas in the middle, and in our Hebrew song, we have a student playing the violin. The theme of the program is December traditions from around the world and there will be 5 songs featuring December traditions.
We hope you have a great time at our program! “Our fifth graders have worked very hard and can’t wait to share their musical talents! We will have so much fun!” Says Ogden’s music teacher, Mrs. Stemke. We all believe this much is true!